Feed Your Mind: 5 Books That Changed My Life

Feed Your Mind: 5 Books That Changed My Life

Often times in life we struggle to find truth, happiness, and meaning.  The beauty, and horror of life lies within our understanding an interpretations of the world around us.  It can be hard to find meaning, and can be hard to find a guide through it all.  Understanding our environment is important and there are many ways to practice this.  To fully succeed in life we must be growing.  How can we grow?  How can we develop a better understanding?  Tony Robbins Puts this in perfect perspective, we MUST FEED OUR MINDS.

To feed your mind means to gather an understanding about the world we live in, and the life we are living.  Whether that may be gaining knowledge about a particular skill, or just reflecting on the wonders of life, we can fully immerse our selves in this positive habit of growth.  Feeding our minds needs to be apart of our daily habits.  Especially if you are going to be an entrepreneur!  We must feed our minds to gain the competitive edge.  Think of it as practice for your life.  You are training your mind to grow and be successful.

One of the core things that I do to FEED MY MIND is to read books related to what I am doing in life.  Think about it if you read one book a week for an entire year, you would have read 52 new books.  That alone can put you above the rest!  Feeding your mind does not have to be limited to books.  One other thing I do to help feed my mind is watch videos, using youtube, or other video providers.  Watching videos can help you simply summarize different topics and can make the process of learning something much easier.  If you are a visual learner, I would recommend this.

Seminars are another great way to access knowledge that is not available to the masses on video, or sometimes even a book.  Seminars are great just because we can surround ourselves with like minded people that are on the same path as us.  To find seminars in your field, simple type it in on google.  You can find all sorts of seminars held near you, or around the world.  I highly recommend investing in your self and attending seminars.  Networking is important in any business, and you should be doing it all of the time.

For the sake of this blog post today we will focus on the reading aspect of feeding your mind.

We want to focus on reading every day if we can.  To start out if you are a non reader, I would recommend listening to an audio book.  Audio books are convenient because you can listen to them every where.  All you need is your cell phone or mp3 player.  One tip I can give you is to use your time that you are driving or walking to listen to your audio book to feed your mind.  If you add up all the times you walk, drive, or exercise, this will add up.  You could probably finish a good sized book in one day.  One great resource to purchase audio books, is a website called www.audible.com .  Audible is great because it offers free audio books as well as very cheep versions of books.

If you are a book person I recommend reading every day if you are not.  Start off slow, maybe read 10-20 pages every day.  Then work your way up to reading more and more.  Maybe even getting to the point where you can read an entire book in one day!  That would be 365 books in one year!  With that kind of investment in yourself, anything is possible.

Just to make sure you are retaining what you are learning I recommend for every skill or chunk of knowledge you learn spend 3 hours actually practicing it after you learn it.  This will help you learn the skill, and apply it much better.

Writing down what you learn in a journal is another great way to thoroughly make sure you are learning the material.  This also gives you an advantage because now you can look back on the lessons that you have learned form you’re reading experience.

Many of you that are reading this post might not have a guiding compass or to even know where to start.  Here is a great place to start if you are hungry for getting better in life, trying to become a entrepreneur, own your own business, or just to figure out what you really want to do.

These books will help you figure out a great plan of action, business plan, how to be a leader, how to escape the 9-5 rat race, and how to achieve the life of your dreams.  The books here are based off of my personal experience, and have significantly made my life better, and much easier.

The 4 Hour Work Week:  This book is a New York Times best seller that is well known around the world.  The author Tim Ferris, breaks down the rules to escape the rat race, and do it with putting in a minimal effort.  Imagine what it would be like if you were making life changing passive income.  Imagine what it would be life if you could do whatever you want, when you want, and how you want.  This book dives into how you can do it in your life.  Follow its rules, and you will change your life for the better.  Don’t think that this does not apply to you just because you have a 9-5 job.  This book actually caters to you more than any one else.  It will show you step by step on how you can get out wile you still are making money.

If you want to check this book out it is available on Amazon right here====>4 Hour Work Week Book

School of Greatness:  The School of Greatness is an absolutely inspirational book that outlines the actual School of Greatness program.  If you read this book, I recommend joining this program to grow your business.  The program allows you to network to tons of like minded people on the Facebook mastermind group that they have.  Throughout the program they lead you step by step through of sequence of actions to massively grow your business.  The book follows this online plan, and is almost just as impactful.  All in all, the tips and trick that this book provides are worth about 10,000 dollars.  Its really a steal.  If your serious about growing your business exponentially this book will certainly help you do that.

Check it out on Amazon right here===>School of Greatness

Leaders Eat Last, is an excellent way to learn to become a great leader.  Think of good old Abraham Lincoln, he was  a great leader, and could have been an even better one with this book!  Simon Sinik does a great job of displaying what great leaders do, and how we can practice being a great leader.  It also goes over how we can actually build a team that will like us, and work with us.  Rather than dislike us and not do what we say.  An essential book if you are wanting to run your own company, or just to have that natural leadership persona, and skill.

Get this book on Amazon right now!===> Leaders Eat Last

Do Cool Shit:  This book is just a fun and awesome way of growing to love the process of opening a business! It follows a girl and her dream to open a pizza shop.  It really gets you thinking outside of the box in terms of what you can to do open and get your business launched.  Different tasks that might hold people back like raising the money to open your business.  This book will also teach you the ways of growing your business to out grow your competition, and be a power house in your niche market.   This book will help you figure it out for yourself.  Boost your creativity , and do cool shit!

Read this book on Amazon===> Do Cool Shit

The Art of Living: This book is literally a classical manual of living an awesome life.  The whole book in is entirety is very short, but is straight to the point and mind opening.  I recommend this book because it is very simple and easy to understand.  Practice every step in this book, and you will be a force to be reckoned with!  It might only take you a couple of hours to read.  Read it and keep reading it through your life.  It is ment to be a manual that you can look back upon.

If you want to check this book out get it on Amazon right now!===>The Art of Living

There you have it guys, I hope you resonated with this post, and get a lot of value form it.  Read the books listed above and you will already have an advantage above the rest, and build a solid foundation to get your business started.  You will also gain more of an understanding to who you are and how to play to your strengths!

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