Principals of Congruency

Principals of Congruency

Trust is congruence between what you say and what you do-Peter Drucker

Howdy guys, today we will embark on a symmetric journey to improve our congruency in our life!

Congruency is key, it is the beginning, and your ability to align your perception, beliefs, values, and persona with what ever it is you are doing!

Being congruent is every thing!

If you take some time to observe the best of the best in every area of life you will see the top people, are very congruent with what they do!

More congruency equals you being more of a badass.  When were operating as a bad ass we become unstoppable.

Here are some key ways to becoming more congruent in your life:

  1. Focus: This means eliminate all the distractions in your life, turn off your phone, go someplace quiet, don’t have the TV on.  Whatever it may be we need to eliminate as many distractions as we can to be fully productive and in the moment.  When we are focused, you will feel in a state of flow, where time seems to slow down, and things are easier to grasp.

Focus is also important because it brings us to the present moment where we are the most powerful. We can see thoughts as they begin, and can reform our beliefs about things that can help put us in congruency.

2. Understand why you are doing certain things.  Why is one of the most powerful concepts you can grasp.  To know why you are doing something, gives you purpose.  Purpose equals passion and power which keeps us energized, focused, and motivated.

3. What do you truly believe in?  Knowing your beliefs about the world will give you perspective, and allow you to easily move in the direction that will be congruent with that belief.  Its like having a compass in the woods.  By having that commas you know which way you need to go to fulfill that belief.  Without knowing your beliefs, you are stranded in the woods without a compass, suddenly things get a lot harder.

4.Have faith that you are congruent.  Trusting in yourself will give you personal power, and give you strength in times of adversity.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post there will be many, many, many more to come, and should not stop until Im long gone.  Please feel free to comment below, and start a conversation on the forum.

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