The Secret to Hands-Free Subscribers

The Secret to Hands-Free Subscribers


In this blog post, you’re going to learn about a traffic generation method that not many Internet marketers know about. This is going to be ways to get someone else sending traffic to your website or your offer that cost you absolutely nothing.

Free solo ads are a simple set and forget type of traffic generation method. You’re going to learn a couple of free sites that you can go to and start sending and receiving ad emails. Go ahead and get set up on each of them using an email address that you made for this purpose.

You’re probably wondering what is a solo ad. Well, here’s how it works typically and typically you have to pay in order to do this.

There will be someone who has a bunch people who subscribe to get emails from him or her and they’re regularly sending email messages about things that are of interest to them: newsletters, ad offers, and affiliate products to promote.

They are people you can approach and say “Hey, if I give you an email that you can send to your subscribers with some minor changes you make to it but here’s what it is. It’s a report of mine, a product of mine, something I have to offer, why you should come to my website etc.”

You provide that to them, they modify it, send it out to their subscribers and some of those subscribers are going to turn into sales. You can track how many people they sent to your website and so on.

Now, that typically cost money, approach them, negotiate, and settle. Well, we’re going to show you a couple places where you can – for free – have your ad sent to quite a few email addresses from other people who have opted in to receive those messages.

This all assumes that you have something to promote as an affiliate or some kind of product or offer to sell. So you want to have that figured out in advance, know what link it is that you’re supposed to be announcing in these emails and encouraging people to click on.

But assuming you got all that set up, you can try free solo ads for a while. They’re not as effective as paying for solo ads that go out and have a hyper-responsive list and so. However, it’s the kind of thing that you set up once, as we’ll show you right here, getting started. Then some sales and traffic do come as a result.

Okay, step one, you’re going to need to set up a new email address. The way it works is you’re going to be joining a community of people with ad copy to promote. Someone is going to send your email to their list and they’re going to send other people’s emails to yours, as well.

Everyone is opting in to get email from each other using one of these free communities. So, you’ll want to create a new and special email address that you use just for this so that you don’t get a bunch of mail to your regular email inbox and get those two confused and combined.

So, once you get that new email address then it’s time to get free account at your first solo ad community. One of the bigger ones I recommend is Go there and build credits by getting so many emails, clicking on so many emails, and have your emails ready to send out. Every so often, they will send them and you can track and see what traffic and visitors you get as a result.

So, like we said, is one of these. Solo– is another one. Tiger Solo Ads. You can find additional lists of them just by googling the words free solo ads and then whatever your topic is. If you’re teaching people how to make money with Internet marketing, it would be free solo ads Internet marketers or something like that.

Use different tracking links for each one of these so you can tell how many of them is sending you how many visitors.

Also, another way to reach even more people by email while still staying compliant with email laws is getting access to safe lists.

You can find out more about what these are and how they are available to you at a couple of different websites like I post ad and and other ones out there.

There’s advanced ways to do it but the bottom line is as you’ve seen, free solo ads can be a hands-free way to generate traffic coming to your website or to any product or service that you’re promoting as an affiliate.

If you ever wondered what to promote, let’s get in touch about the hottest new offers that you can promote as an affiliate where you can earn commissions of a thousand, 3000, even $5000 for single sale.

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