8mm Ball Screw

8mm T8x2 150/200/250/300/400/500mm Lead Screw with Brass Nut

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8mm T8x2 150/200/250/300/400/500mm Lead Screw with Brass Nut
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Right handed.
Single start : 2mm per turn.
Each rod comes with one brass nut.
Length: 150mm / 200mm / 250mm / 300mm / 400mm / 500mm(5.9'' / 7.9'' / 9.8'' / 11.8'' / 15.7'' / 19.7'' )
Diameter: 8mm / 0.3''
Brass Nut Size: 10x13x22mm / 0.4''x0.5''x0.9''                                

With over 30 years' experience and hundreds of qualified personnel, Wanfu Precision is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 8mm ball screw in China. Offering 8mm ball screw customized service, our factory is specialized in producing high precision products.
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