Steel Helical Gear

Dimension:Φ8mm * 4mm   Module: M0.15 Material Type: Steel as customer required

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Dimension:Φ8mm * 4mm  
Module: M0.15
Material Type: Steel as customer required

Steel Helical Gear


Φ3mm- Φ120mm



Material Type

Metal, Bronze, Steel, Alloy, POM, Zinc, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless, Brass, Copper

Meshing Grade

GB 6, ISO 6, JGMA 1, JIS 6, AGMA 13,AGMA12, DIN 6 DIN5


Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Military, Aircraft, Mechanical




Sample available

Modes of Packing

Vacuum-packed with Plastic Tray

Modes of Delivery

DHL& FedEx & UPS


ISO 9001: 2008/TS16949

Product Features

●Helical gears are cylindrical gears whose teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation. The teeth are angled and appear as a segment of a helix. Helical gears can transmit power between parallel or right angle axes.

●In parallel-axis helical gears the two opposite-hand gears provide quiet operation and high load capacity. These helical gears must be of opposite hands.

●In perpendicular-axis helical gears, also called skew gears, two same-hand gears transmit energy through a 90° angle. The limited tooth contact of this configuration constricts work load. This type of helical alignment is comprised of two same-hand gears.

●Offers ODM & OEM services.

With over 30 years' experience and hundreds of qualified personnel, Wanfu Precision is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel helical gear in China. Offering steel helical gear customized service, our factory is specialized in producing high precision products.

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