Screw rolling technology is divided into two types: hot rolling and cold rolling;Compared with the traditional turning method, screw rolling has the advantages of high productivity, metal saving, good mechanical properties and simple operation.Especially the cold rolled screw, because of the strength and hardness of the increase, the service life is greatly extended.

But with the improvement of the accuracy of the current rolling mill, many rolling mills can also roll high precision rolling screw, compared to the grinding screw cost is lower, precision can also be achieved.

In machine tool manufacturing commonly used is another ball screw, usually we call it grinding ball screw, and rolling ball screw comparison has the following differences:
Comparison of rolling and grinding of ball screw:
Rolling mill
Low accuracy;High precision;
Life expectancy is low;Life is high;
Efficiency is low;High efficiency;
The price is low;Price is high;

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