Bevel gears are mainly used to realize the motion and power transmission between two intersecting shafts

Figure 1

Axis Angle, the value of sigma can be determined according to the needs of the transmission, usually more than 90 degrees, that is, the vertical intersection.The gear teeth of the bevel gear are arranged on the truncated cone. Therefore, the expressions of "cylinder" corresponding to the cylindrical gear become "cone", such as indexing cone, pitch cone, base cone, tooth tip cone and so on.This is also the origin of the name conical gear.

As can be seen from figure 1, when a pair of standard straight bevel gears are driven, the dividing cones of the two wheels coincide with their respective pitch cones.The thickness of the gear tooth is large at one end and small at the other end, that is, the thickness of the gear tooth along the direction of tooth width is not the same, so the modulus of the full length of the gear tooth, the height of the tooth, the width of the tooth profile are not the same.Therefore, the bevel gear tooth profile model cannot be created by simply stretching the standard cylindrical spur gear.

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