The taper gear, Bevel gear. For transmission between intersecting axes. Single stage gear ratio to 6, the maximum to 8 or above, transmission efficiency is generally 0.94 ~ 0.98.

1) straight teeth and helical bevel gear design, manufacture and installation is simple, but the noise is bigger, used for low speed transmission (< 5 m/s);Straight tooth bevel gear drive transmission power can reach to 370 kw, and peripheral speed of 5 m/s.Helical bevel gear transmission smooth operation, gear bearing capacity is higher, but manufacturing is more difficult, less application.

2) curve bevel gear with a smooth transmission, low noise and great bearing capacity, high overloading. Curve bevel gear transmission smooth operation, transmission power can reach to 3700 kw, circumferential speed can be to more than 40 m/s.

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